The IT / ITeS industry in India has been trying to move up the value chain and get into Business transformation engagements and non – linear revenue models.

As offshoring becomes mainstay, customers have become more demanding and there is an increasing pressure on revising price points downwards, while enhancing the service outcomes. Corporates are getting increasingly challenged as the quality of supply is showing a southward trend, resulting in an ever-widening gap between customer demands and their ability to fulfill the same.

Today’s approach to skill enhancement is suboptimal as not much is done to enhance the consultative skills of the employees. Most of the training organizations focus on the content skills (technology, process and maybe, domain) and minimal on core skills like tolerance for ambiguity, change management, flexibility, pro-activeness, coping ability, relationship building and so on. These skills are essential for a professional to optimally conceptualize and successfully execute in high end engagements. Moreover, they are not only relevant for sales folks but also for people in delivery especially as we work in virtual models.

Our Offerings:

We believe that to achieve lateral growth and non-linear revenue model, employees at all the levels should be well-equipped to deliver the job at hand. Hence, skilling, up skilling and reskilling becomes an imperative for any organization to stay ahead in the market. iPRIMED offers two types of solutions to the organizations to achieve their goals.

    1. iPRIMED Athena – iPRIMED interactive online learning platform
      • Available on all devices – Anytime, Anywhere delivery
      • Use of game mechanics & rewards in order to increase engagement & loyalty
      • Social Learning to increasing participation & pull
      • Increasing relevance with personalized content based on user profile
      • Interactive with animation, quizzes & voice
      • Emphasis on activity based learning for high retention
    2. Center of Excellence – Content can be tailored based on your business needs. We focus on all the areas covered in the IT and ITeS landscape
      1. Technology
        • Application and Software Development (Java & Dotnet)
        • Database Development and Administration
        • Testing and Quality Assurance
        • Infrastructure Management Services
        • DW / BI
        • SAP
        • Embedded
        • Mobility
        • Cloud Services
        • Big data
        • Analytics
      2. ITeS and BPO (Operational)
        • Finance and Accounts
        • Investment Banking
        • Supply Chain
        • Order Management, HRO, etc.
        • Insurance
      3. Process
        • Application Development & Maintenances
        • STLC (Testing)
        • Product Support
        • Re-engineering
      4. Business
        • Business Performance Management
        • BPM / BPR; Solution Design
        • Process Modeling
        • Business Analytics
      5. English Language Enhancement
        • Comprehending – Read, Listen
        • Productive – Write, Speak

      1. Holistic Assessment:We help you assess a candidate holistically leveraging our proprietary 7 dimensional model iPAT - (iPRIMED Psychographic Assessment Test) and hire with the focus on “selection” rather than “elimination”. iPAT is available online as well as in a client server mode.
      2. Skill Enhancement:The corporate skills that an employee needs to acquire to move up the value chain and also to enhance CSAT. We have various offerings for Junior and Mid / Senior level employees.
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